New Promise Ministries International is a ministry of the Lord, Jesus Christ, to the world.  Our, individual ministry service, is to the Lord but the Lord is in direct control of New Promise Ministries International. 

 There are many ministries in the earth just like this one.  We are not unique.   The bottom line is, Jesus Christ is LORD.  And all of us are doing what we do in obedience to Him.

NPMI is only one of the great many voices the Lord has placed into the earth to proclaim the choices, for Life and Liberty made available through Him and His resurrection from death on the cross.

 New Promise Ministries International is not an economic enterprise but a ministry of the Lord.  Therefore, you will find a variety of resources available on this Website without cost or charge.  Everything on this Web Page may be copied and used in building people in their service to God.   The following applies:

 New Promise Ministries International publications, tapes, CD', books etc. are  protected by International Copyright Agreements and are distributed by New Promise Ministries International for the purpose of furthering the gospel.  Items may not be sold or exchanged for profit in any form.  Permission is granted for duplication for nonprofit use.  All copies must be complete, unabridged and have a copy or facsimile of the NPMI label affixed to it.   

 It is the mission of New Promise Ministries International to provide teaching, books, articles, prayers, and other resources for the believer to walk in the full power of the Holy Spirit and to build a platform for success for such individuals to step out into ministries. 






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